Stream of Consciousness
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2003-04-15 07:01:40 (UTC)

good days, better years

Well, i cant complain. last couple of weeks have been
pretty good, aside from when i was learning the ropes at
the new tanning portion of our store. that really sucked
monster cock. but i have the hang of it now. but the fact
still remains that it is the exact opposite of everything i
believe in. i believe in a world where females dont wear
make-up and they dont feel the need for artificial tanning.
i preffer when a girl looks more natural...nice and white
baby. anywho my class for tomorrow, or today. depending on
wether you are asleep right now, has been cancelled. the
dude has an eye infection and his right is is swollen shut.
thats not cool. i know what its like to have an eye problem
like that and it isnt pretty. he is a nice guy regaurdless
of what i say about him and i wish him the best of luck
with his current problem. Alexa and Luke come home at some
point this week. im really looking forward to spending at
least 5 minutes with my friends. i love them all so much.
bishop and i are making a tre buchet. yeah thats right
asshole. so that means you better build some thicker walls
because we are gunning for you. speaking of bishop, that
crazy wanker is really pulling threw for me on the website
in a big way, he has been much more of the help than i
expected him to be, with the articles he is writing. they
are well thought out, well written, and make lots of good
sense. my only gripe is perhaps he is writing too well and
exposing me for the hack that i am. god bless bishops bro
(baby-y, pud) good kid. good kid. im in a happy mood
tonight, one of those love the world moods. perhaps ill
pound out another shitty poem tonight before bed. i worked
on the design of the site a little today. i made it so that
when you are reading a particularly long article you dont
have to scroll alllllll the way to the bottom just to get
to the bottom, now there are bottons at the top and bottom
of the page next to the already in use scroll bottons that
will either skip to the top for you or the bottom depending
on which one you click. Ran into lukes parents comming out
of the VK as i was going in the other day. real good
quality people. its easy to see why luke is so stand up.
not many parents would actually stop you, and tell you
thier son is going to be in town, then make small talk and
joke with you as if you were thier friend too, not just
thier sons. luke is one of the greatest human beings i have
ever had the pleasure of knowing. been listening to a lot
of odd music lately, ill list a few of my most recent
downloads, elton john- danial. ac/dc -big balls and also
back in black, mr big -to be with you(alexa), and also
pearl jams black. i may not be the biggest pearl jam fan in
the world....and i wont be one of those wankers that
pretends to love a band just because thats the IN thing to
do. but i have to give them a lot of credit for not making
any music videos after jermey. fucking kudos dude. you show
those fucking mtv assholes what for, fucking leftist fucks.
yeah, whole day of nothing to look forward to tomorrow.
there was a frantic and mad dash to get taxes done at my
house tonight. talking to my mother was off limits unless
you wanted to see her very dark mean streak. god damn my
mother can be mean when she wants to...but she is my momma.
and i love her anyway. i love my cat....everynight when i
go to bed...he comes to my door and scratchs till i let him
in, then he jumps up on my bed with me, curls up, and falls
asleep until the morning when we get up and go
downstairs..he follows me around the house all day too, its
almost like i have a cat that thinks its a dog. god bless
you Dickens Towner. man i must be tired, this is the most
pathetic display of stream of consiousness i have ever
seen. toodles