duhs world
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2003-04-15 04:28:56 (UTC)


i know that everyone tells em one thing but now i feel
totally different i feel i cant get a guy that will care
abotu em or even love me for who i am.i am tired of being
walked all over and being used and even just being hurt. i
am sick and tired of wondering who my true friends r and
who will be there for me when i need them the most. i
care so much about one person but hey i guess i doesn't
matter to anyone how i feel i just have to care how that
person feels. i am the one that puts my differences aside
to help people out. but when i need help no one is really
there for me. i am trign so hard to get what i want back
but guess what i gave up on him to cuz it seems i am
around when no one esle would do what he wants them to
do. i am the only stupid one that will do things liek
that for him i am the one that will lend him things and
never expect it back and i am the type that when i say i
care i do. i love him so much it makes me hurt and when i
think of him i start to cry cuz it hurts so much and when
i dont hear from him i cry cuz i dont hear from him. i am
tired of being the stupid one that just comes when she is
called just like a puppy dog. i go back and read the
other enrtys that i wrote and sit and cry cuz it is so
true that i do care and i want nothing but having him
back. everyone says he wants nothing to do with me and
that he uses me well i am starting to feel that way cuz
the way he acts when i am around him.. he tells em that
he does and that i should belive what i want. i want to so
bad belive him but y should i, i just get hurt. and i get
left alone and i cry and i just dont knwo what to do. i am
known now in his mind is a lieing nasty bitch that fucks
anythign that walks. well i guess i am if thats what he
thinks. this is all how i feel i dont knwo if this is how
he really feels but i guess since he never wants to hang
out by myself with him then it is true. I love you jmp
but i know u dont care

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