Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-04-15 03:38:02 (UTC)

A semblance of poetry, poetic thoughts maybe? and some more stuff.

The smile of a child,
The light in their eyes,
The purity of the sun,
As it drops behind the hill,

The Feel of love,
As it rains on my face,
The feeling of self worth,
Of knowing an accomplishment,

The touch of a friend,
Saying more than words can tell,
The happy glow shining,
From behind a Kamikaze drink,

The welcome heat of the lights,
Of stage on opening night,
The welcome surprise,
When he looks in my eyes,

Yes, these are the things I miss.

Talking to new friends.... Why are there so few completely
loving and utterly accepting families out there? Why so
much abuse in the world? Why is it I must choose the family
I want instead of getting love from the family I was born