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2003-04-15 03:30:17 (UTC)

Sean Probs...

Yup... I knew it was going to happen. Me and Sean are back
together and OF COURSE he's already pissed me off. We
officially got back together April 11, 2003 @ 1:33a.m.(but
of course I wasn't paying attention lol)after a separation
since January. He's really pissed me off once again
though. He frickin told all of his friends last night
about EVERYTHING that we've done. And a lot of his friends
i know as well and yea... they have big fuckin mouths. He
told EVERYONE EVERYTHING. He told his friends about
our 'big scare', and our 'bathroom incident', and
the 'touching the top' thing, and the 'hotel party'and blah
blah blah blah. What the hell ever. Tina said that I need
to leave him because he does treat me like shit. Everyone
says I should leave him. Everyone except my heart... I
really love him when he's treating me with respect, but of
course, he hardly ever fucking does. I hate the fact that
I love him. And there's no doubt in my mind that I do love
him when he's being Sean. But when Sean is mixed up with
all the drugs and alcohol and when he's with his friends, he says
mean, hateful things and acts like I don't matter. But then... when
it's just us (or us and zac), he loves me and makes every drop of
blood in my body run hot. He says the sweetest, most perfect things,
and I love him. I'm just a stupid teenager in love, huh? Sounds
like a soap opera gone Olsen-twins, huh? Yea yea... but I still
love him.

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