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2003-04-15 03:06:00 (UTC)


One of these days, she's really going to get herself in
trouble. No... I'm not talking about things my father has
said about me, I mean KD. She's not doing things that have
been too terribly wrong, but they're still wrong. Smoking
and substance abuse in general is WRONG. WRONG WRONG
WRONG... I don't care what she says to condone it, it's not
good for her health or her image. And the lying is become
a ritual now. She lies to her father on a regular basis
and that's another thing I just don't agree with. I know
I'm not her mother, and have no right to interfere with her
life, but she hurts her father and I so much. Her father
is nothing but super nice to her, and she just doesn't seem
to think that he amounts to anything. I wish my father
cared about me like her father cares about her. Me and her
dad have long talks when she's not around and I know even
though he's said and done some things that bother me in
regards to her, I know he cares and just wants the best for
his babie girl. So do I. I really look to her as a
sister, not just my best friend. We share everything; from
our obsession of ice cream and guys to our deepest secrets.
She means the world to me. And I can't let her hurt inside
anymore. I don't know how else I can help though. I try
to be a good example, and I try to tell her when she's
doing something wrong, and some things are working for the
better. Her physical appearance is changing and in part,
her outlook on life. She no longer gets sad as often, and
she tries to solve her problems through more positive ways
and I'm so grateful and proud. I just wish I could do
more. I don't want her to end up on some street corner
selling her body to feed her 63 children because she used
all of her welfare money on drugs and hotel rooms. I guess
it's just a slow and tedious process that can only be
accomplished with encouragement and love and constructive
critisism and a whole lotta faith and patience. I don't
know if I have all of that, but I know I will sure as hell
try to help her in any way I can. I hope she knows that.
Sweetie, if you're reading this and KNOW that I'm talking
about you, KNOW that I love you and will encourage the
positive decisions I know you are smart enough to make. No
matter what. ALWAYS.

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