The Faeries' Revenge
2003-04-15 01:33:26 (UTC)

Mon, 14 April 2003. LoTR & Emiliana Torrini

Catriona, Nissa and I giggled through the entire showing of
LoTR 2 at the school theatre last night. We were making
jokes from the Very Secret Diaries of LoTR and from
Evadne's Breadbox Edition. If he tries anything Sam will
kill him. Hey, gotta do something to entertain yourself
the 5th time through.

Stayed behind a few mins to listen to Emiliana Torrini's
rendition of Golum's Song at the end of the movie. Today
listening to If You Go Away, Amy asked me who Emiliana
Torrini is. I said, "picture Beth Orton in her Chemical
Brothers stage and Enya having a baby and Björk raising
her." She gave me a look markedly similar to the "Ah!
Where did you come from?" or "Do I have a Bundt cake in the
oven?" look Snape kept giving Harry Potter in the first
movie. Ah well, listening to K's Choice now anyway.

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