REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-15 00:03:45 (UTC)


hey everyone i just got back from my softball game against
long brach...holy crap they suck!!!we beat the crap outta
them!!!! 44-1! lol were not suppossed to tell anyone the
score though cause mrs korz thinks that people will think
that we raised the score up! BUT WE DIDNT! lady lions are
rippin it up out there this season! were undefeated so
far!!! lol hehe our record is 2-0 tomarrow were playing
hazlet away...and i hope we win! oh yeah and wednesday
were playing holmdel but the word going around is that
there really good! o-well we can take um right!? i cant
wait till spring break!...the part that suxs is that were
going to canada jus for the weekend..o-well itll be
cool...i guess. well im doing homework and im on the fone
with heather! and i think she fell asleep on me lolz!!!
shes not talking its liek silent. lol i just was like
HEATHER and shes liek yeah?! lol that was funny. ok well i
finished my math homework it was easy smeesy! lol and jus
not i finished my science...i gtg write more later-