Scribbles of my life
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2003-04-14 23:18:46 (UTC)


K, today I started my diet. It went well until I got to
Drama. It's hard because we stay until 7 and I have to
grab whatever I can or I starve to death. I had 2 granola
bars, I can't believe myself. Other than that I had
exactly 26 crackers and water (plus my vitamins). I know
it sounds like it's a bad diet, but it's not. I've tried
every other diet imaginable, none have worked. I'm going
to try this kind, and if it works, I'll stop when I lose
the amount I want. I've never really been skinny, and want
to be so bad. Just around 30 pounds and I think I'll be
all set. K, bye!

Willow @}~~~~