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Just another Disturbance
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2003-04-14 22:41:57 (UTC)

*Jealousy and Boyz*

The name of the title has a reason to what i am going to
write about... This adorable guy named Cris likes me and he
went up to me at lunch when i was with my friends after
Nick ditched me to be with Sarah and Cris was being too
great and this was after I found out that he liked me, He
was like I got beef with Nick and I was just nodding along
and then he was all like I am gunna kick Nicks ass and I am
gunna fight for you. I was thinking "awwwz" how cute. But
Everyone is all like you should go out with Cris when Nick
and you break up and I am just saying Nick and I arent
breaking up anytime soon according to my schedule! I love him and he
loves me so what could go wrong right now? I will tell you the whole
Sarah story... When i moved to Florida in 5th grd Sarah was friends
with me no questions asked, then in 5th grd we got to be really good
friends and the best of friends then 6th grd came and we got into
this HUGE gay argument and i dont even member about what but then we
drifted apart as friends and now in 7th grd i imed her on the
computer one time and we started to talk a lil bit more and today we
had our FIRST corny conversation! YEEHAW! well i am only hoping Sarah
and I become better friends like 5th grd. Her boyfriend and her have
been going out for 8 months!!! Thats Love Anywayz I give Frankie and
Jennifer's relationship a good 2-4 weeks TOPS! I dont have anything
against her but she isnt the kind of girl that stays with a guy. Well
i have to go do the LOVELY invention called Homework