listen to my silences
2003-04-14 18:34:26 (UTC)

so much to do, no time

k, halfway done with what i have to do before easter
break. just a religion paper, which i'm getting ready to
do, and my wc paper, which i'm doing all day tomorrow.
yeah, i know, last minute. but you know what, i really
haven't had time because of all this stuff i've had to do.
i'm still stressed out. i can't wait till wednesday.
there's supposed to be a massage-a-thon thing on campus
that night. it only costs three dollars, so i think i'll
go. it'll be nice to be completely relaxed.

if you read this before you call, i have to work until
twelve tonight. then sara and i are going out to eat for
my birthday. but call after work and i can talk for a few
minutes. otherwise...if you can wait until like one thirty
my time i'll be able to talk for a little bit. not a long
time cause i have to make sure that my religion paper is
done. *sigh*

k, i'm out. i have a paper to do that's due tomorrow at
twelve. later.

final thought: can i possibly be anymore irresponsible???

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