2003-04-14 16:43:35 (UTC)

The Sign of The Cross

With the Sign of the Cross we recall in particular the
blessing of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus
Christ. We trace a cross on ourselves, the cross of Jesus.
His death on the Cross was an outpouring of love for us.
The Sign of the Cross is a reminder of his love, a love
found not only in the past, but here and now, as we make
this sign upon ourselves; for the love of Jesus Christ
abides forever.

The Sign of the Cross is a wonderful daily expression of
our relationship with God. God is the One who blesses. This
prayer reminds us that each day, in good times and bad, in
danger and sorrow, God's care and blessings are never far
from us.

Tracing this holy sign on our forehead, our hearts and our
shoulders, we remember we are blessed in mind and heart and
all our being. We can approach God with confidence through
Jesus Christ whose ever present love this holy sign
recalls. "Come to me," God says through this prayer, "do
not be afraid. Before you take one step, I reach to embrace
you with blessings in my hands."


Thank you. I had this very peaceful feeling after you did
that. Still do.