ton o galaxy
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2003-04-14 16:02:27 (UTC)

today is the

Today i am going to try out this new training program at a
salon. It's a job and if i get it i will get the best
training in the world and i would be a real stylsit in a
little over a year. I would be making real money and
already have tons of experience. This has to work out.I am
so bored with my current job. Sales. Sales. Sales.
I know everything is sales ultimately, but here people
just might actually pay me bceasue of what i can do and i
don't have to have sex with them!
Right now i am listening to Stereo Lab which most of the
time i can take or leave cause, it's all in French. Emperor
tomato ketcup is good drinkin your coffee music. Which
brings me back to the salon. I will have no money for a
while. It's worth it if i can do one thing that is really
intense. No seven days work then school. Fuck that.Maybe if
i was trying to get my masters but I'm trying to live
comfortably here.

wish me luck today.........

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