Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-04-14 11:38:44 (UTC)

Poignant Moments

Hmmm it's strange isn't it.. those poignant moments in
life. just moment where everything fits the moodperfectly,
and you just know that you are going to remember how how yo
were feeling at that moment for the rest fo your life. I
was reading Gab's on line journal tonight thinking about
how much I just missed her so badly, and her diary said
pretty much exactly how I was feeling. It was one of those
moments. "Disarm" by the Smashing Pumpkins was playing in
the background, which is like my favourite song ever. ANd I
just took it all in, the way I was feeling, the mood that
was coming across to me by the song. I just closed my eyes
and took it in. I felt lonely. I have been going crazy
about movies again ever since I started writing all these
film reveiws for this mag. I wrote my review to "The
Pianist" tonight.. heheh.. I gave it 5 stars.. it deserves
them all, such an exquisite film. I am listening to
Travis. "Why does it always rain on me?" and "The grass is
always greener ont he other side" Travis are very good..
they set they are setting my mood perfectly right now. Hmmm
I wana write how I really feel but I feel I can't
sometimes... which is kinda dodge cos this is supposed to
be a place whereI can write whatever I want. Oh well at
leasy I know how I feel. I don's HAVE to tell anyone. just
bottle it up. I am gona go and watch "Raging Bull" such an
amazing film... I fully cried the ohter day when I watched
the ending.. it's so... distraught... the whole film...
just utterly distraught. anyways. THE END.