worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2003-04-14 07:40:22 (UTC)


Master ordered me to join an S&M sorority. All the
sorority sisters are sadistic and they greatly enjoy
inflicting severe tortures on the pledges. Sometimes they
come in the form of tests, rules, or punishments, other
times the torture is a right of passage, like surviving
hell week - it's the only way in. i had no choice, Master
said if i didn't make it into the sorority i'd be spending
the next 6 months in his cage.

The first day of pledging involved learning the rules:
1) Pledges may not wear any clothing in the sorority house.
2) Pledges may never wear bras or panties, even when
outside the sorority house.
3) Pledges must learn the names and full bios of all
sisters and be prepared to recite said info upon request.
4) Pledges must always carry the following when outside the
sorority house: a small wooden paddle, change for the bus,
a vibrator, the pledge rule book, and a plastic pig nose.
5) Pledges may not masturbate or orgasm.
6) Pledges must always have the sorority name written
neatly on their body and display said name to any sister
upon request, regardless of location or public.

Punishment for breaking the rules was whatever the sisters
said it was, but it almost always included a harsh
paddling. Of course, the sisters didn't need any real
reason to paddle the pledges so hardly a day went by that i
and my fellow pledges didn't feel the sting of the paddle.
In accordance with the rules, we have to obey any order
given to us by the sisters; that's why we have to carry the
paddles with us. So if we don't have the sorority name
printed neatly on our skin we could be paddled on the
spot. If standing in the mall we didn't properly recite
one of the bios we could be told to grab our ankles and
receive 20 swats with everyone watching.

Day two at the sorority was the examination. Standing
naked on a table in front of all the sisters, the body of
each pledge was examined in detail. The sisters were as
cruel and degrading as they could be. Each pledge,
including myself, was in tears before their session was
over. Standing on the table, on total display, the sisters
used markers to circle areas of excess fat, emphasis
stretch marks, note infirmness, count freckless and
birthmarks, and otherwise insult my physique. Later that
day we were hosed down, given razors, and told to shave our
cunts. We were again examined by the sisters and any
remaining pubic hair was painfully plucked out by tweezers.

Each day at the sorority house one pledge was dubbed "piss
pledge." Any time one of the pledges or sisters had to
piss that day, the unfortunate piss-pledge had to lay in
the bathtub while the sister or pledge straddled over her
and pissed on her. The piss-pledge was not allowed to
bathe for 2 days and had to spend the night sleeping in the
piss-filled bathtub. i had this honor 4 times so far.

The sisters enjoy having us pledges torture each other.
For one test, we all stood in a circle. Instead of holding
hands, we held nipples - each girl grabbed a nipple of the
girl to her right and left so we were all holding two
nipples and had our two nipple being held. The test was to
see who would cry out first - the one who did would be the
piss-pledge for the next three days. Immediately we all
began pinching, twisting, and pulling the nipples. The
girl who lost only lasted 15 seconds. Even though the
loser was established, we had to continue the torture until
half of the pledges had cried out (sadly i was one of
them) - each of them/us were then paddled by the winning
half (and boy can my fellow pledges paddle hard).

During a similar session we stood in a circle and bent at
the waist. We were told to reach between the legs of the
girl in front of us and grab her pussy lips - then start
yanking. If the sisters didn't think we were pulling hard
enough they encouraged us with some strokes on the ass with
a riding crop. We were all in agony before the session was
over and we were permitted to stop. This time the pledge
who cried out first was punished by being held lying on a
table with her legs held up and open by the other pledges
as one of the sisters whipped her already painful pussy
with the crop - 30 times.

We have chores to do around the house and are punished for
doing them late or poorly. Instead of a paddled ass, we
are usually punished for this by having our tits whipped
with the riding crop. The sisters also keep strict control
over what we eat - over eating is corrected by a
humiliating, large enema while everyone watches.
Additionally, when we sleep our arms are tied behind us so
we cannot attempt to masturbate. We are usually watched
when we shower - i forgot this one day and spent too much
time cleaning my pussy. i was punished by spending two
hours riding the wooden pony and then having each of my
fellow pledges whip my pussy 5 times each. i certainly had
no desire to touch myself after that.