apfel diary
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2003-04-14 06:46:45 (UTC)

another funny chat with him(copier)

leaf (2:17 PM) :
jing jing doesnt seem to know how to cook
apple (2:18 PM) :
leaf (2:18 PM) :
well she was talking about it in the room
leaf (2:18 PM) :
so i give her advise
leaf (2:19 PM) :
i told her to make soup
apple (2:19 PM) :
what she talked?
leaf (2:19 PM) :
she was asking someone what to make for dinner
apple (2:19 PM) :
lol she is the one just waiting ppl cook to her ma.hehe
leaf (2:19 PM) :
apple (2:19 PM) :
let me cook for her.lol
leaf (2:20 PM) :
yes she say she want to marry a cook so he can cook for her
but not a fat cook
apple (2:20 PM) :
lol i want too
leaf (2:20 PM) :
lol hey what about me apple not cook for me too
apple (2:20 PM) :
nope..just marry with a guy who know cooking.hehe
apple (2:21 PM) :
apple never cook for anyone,except family.hehe
leaf (2:21 PM) :
leaf (2:21 PM) :
can i be a part of your family
apple (2:21 PM) :
lol how
leaf (2:21 PM) :
lol what you mean how
apple (2:21 PM) :
how u be a part of my family
leaf (2:22 PM) :
well i show up and say hey apple hey apple's mom and dad
oh hello apple's sister, remember i am your long lost
family member
the one you didnt know until now
apple (2:24 PM) :
lol do u think they will trust you and believe what u say?
leaf (2:25 PM) :
lol sure why not the bigger the family the better
apple (2:25 PM) :
lol ok
leaf (2:26 PM) :
do you think they will trust me??
leaf (2:26 PM) :
hey wait is your parent watching???
apple (2:26 PM) :
lol they dont know english
apple (2:27 PM) :
but i can translate to them if u want.hehe
leaf (2:28 PM) :
no no it ok

And...see what he said: so funny..

leaf (2:34 PM) :
i can cook rice old style you know when you have rice and
water and pot and just make it
leaf (2:34 PM) :
apple (2:35 PM) :
leaf (2:36 PM) :
yes if i cook for you it is good, cause the worst is you
dont like it and if you do everything will be gone.
for you if worst you poison me and if not i finish it
apple (2:36 PM) :
leaf (2:37 PM) :
but it good to be poison by you
leaf (2:37 PM) :
cause i know i will be in good hand
leaf (2:38 PM) :
that belong to a pretty face
apple (2:38 PM) :
silly u.u really wanna die so soon?..u still young.hehe
leaf (2:39 PM) :
lol i dont care as long it is with you i am happy
apple (2:40 PM) :
leaf (2:40 PM) :
leaf (2:41 PM) :
crazy for you to take care of me
apple (2:41 PM) :
no one take care of u
apple (2:41 PM) :
no one take care of u
leaf (2:42 PM) :
my parent take care of me
but i want you to take care of me too
apple (2:42 PM) :
why me? i wont take of anyone.hee
leaf (2:43 PM) :
cause you are wonderful
well at lease i think you are wonderful
apple (2:44 PM) :
i dont think so.and im the one need ppl taking care of
me.not i take care of ppl wor
leaf (2:45 PM) :
ok then i take care of you and you take care of me
apple (2:45 PM) :
u wish..
leaf (2:45 PM) :
lol i wish everyday

in the afternoon,i always have a fun chat with net friends