apfel diary
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2003-04-14 06:16:45 (UTC)

funny chat with him

today i got the URL from mills. she sent me a funny game.i
took a long time to play it.but i just can pass the stage
one. sigh..always fail in the stage2.i gave it up at last.
i talked with leaf as usual.hm..feel like i talking to him
less and less. have nothing to talk to. i asked him did he
meet any new friend on the internet.cos i joined the
chatroom last time,and realised that there are so many new
ppl i dont know.but..hehe,see what he said:
leaf (1:53 PM) :
just you
leaf (1:53 PM) :
nah i did
leaf (1:53 PM) :
some is interesting
apple (1:53 PM) :
leaf (1:53 PM) :
lol i met a doctor want me lol
how bad it that
apple (1:53 PM) :
leaf (1:54 PM) :
i should tell her i am not interested, i want this nurse
apple (1:54 PM) :
lol crazy
leaf (1:54 PM) :
who crazy?? not me
apple (1:54 PM) :
leaf (1:54 PM) :
your my perfect nurse
apple (1:55 PM) :
leaf (1:55 PM) :
cause i like you
apple (1:56 PM) :
why like me ar
leaf (1:56 PM) :
and you are nice
and have a bad side too,
also cause you are the only one that is pretty and dont
think much about it
apple (1:56 PM) :
what is the bad side?
leaf (1:56 PM) :
yeah when i say the true about you and you think i am
hitting on you
you would push me away
apple (1:58 PM) :
i didnt think u are hitting on me ar
leaf (1:58 PM) :
lol but you pushing me away
apple (2:00 PM) :
lol always
leaf (2:01 PM) :
leaf (2:01 PM) :
you dont want me???
leaf (2:03 PM) :
cause it feel like you push me away
apple (2:03 PM) :
what did i do?
leaf (2:03 PM) :
i dont know
hey you miss me apple
apple (2:09 PM) :
hm..never ..lol
leaf (2:10 PM) :
leaf (2:10 PM) :
gee what a friend
leaf (2:10 PM) :
here i am going crazy worry sick about you
and you dont miss me
apple (2:10 PM) :
okok..i miss u alot..all the time..hehe
leaf (2:13 PM) :
oh how sweet that you miss me so much, hmmm really or just
saying it??

well,he is nice to me,cos he worried about me and
said "when you didnt come on i was so worry" .sigh..god
bless,i wont be sick lah.