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2003-04-14 06:00:45 (UTC)

did i overeact?

i told tim that my feelings were hurt by wot he said. and
that my self esteem had really taken a blow there. he
responded with sorry.
i cried.
then i wrote him an email (see below) that he has yet to
when i ended up running over his house to get some tums for
my sick cousin, i told him he had mail. so it wasnt like he
doesnt know its there....
and it started off such a good day.
pete and i went to the botanical gardens. saw a dead dear
went to this huge church up the road and pretended to be
french. people get soo confused around "foreigners"
then it was home to rake...(BLAH i wasnt made for yard work)
then to jens for a few drinks...
her dog sliced its foot open. so there was blood
*everywhere*. then we fixed it, then i talked to tim, then
everyone left. i cried and am not here feeling overtired
and stressed about tomorrow...oh well. like i said
yesterday this is my life.
***the email***
im sitting here thinking about my day tomorrow. and how it
is going to be hard. aside from facing vidarte after two
weeks of skipping his class. i have a meeting at work to
talk about the problems we ve been having, which mean s im
most likely going to have to quit. and then theres you.
tomorrow i have to go to school and figure out whether or
not its going to be weird and awkward and take it from
there. decide whether or to pretend like nothing happened
and go on with life or try to deal with it with you. my pr
being, is that i overreacted to wot you didnt say. i just
wanted to make that clear. im not sure wot i expected you
to say, but "ok...*long pause* im sorry." prolly wasnt it.
i guess that im prolly hurt a bit more then i expected too.
i mean, if someone told you theyd take an dog over you,
howd youd respond? i know i didnt take it well, even tho it
was a joke. like i said, youve said things over the past
few years that have stuck in my head. most of which are up
in my top ten of worst things anyone has ever said to me.
yea i know theyre over with and i said i wouldnt dwell,
but i was reminded of them last night while i was thinking.
i dont want to provoke anything here and i dont want this
to turn into a fight or awkwardness, but *lol* when ya feel
as repulsive as i do right now, ur emotions kind of start
to steer. and i just wanted to express that. a pt made to
me a little bit ago was, if youre feeling it say it, cuz if
you dont you ll run into trouble. that makes some sense
right now.
ok well, im done. if you would like to talk about it (no
worries, im not in a bite ur head off type of mood lol)
then call me.

so did i over react???
tell me cuz id really like to know
(then again howd u respond if someone said theyd rather
screw a dog then you?)

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