People are evil WHy?
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2003-04-14 04:58:20 (UTC)

You guys are gonne wanna read this one

People are so stupid. You guys are gonna wanna read this
one! Dumb Dumb Dumb! I cant believe this! My mom and dad
were or are or whatever getting a divorce. and that was ok
i guess. I have been expecting it. I was okay, but the
reason that got it all started was that my mom is addicted
to pain killers and after a few years my sister moved in
with us and her three kids came with. It stressed my mom
and dad and me out. Well so my mom decides to go out and
get a boyfriend. She would go to his house on the weekends
and come home during the week and say she had been at her
"Friend's" house! BULL! well we found out that she was
having an affair and my dad kicked her out of the house. ok
ok ok, i get that, but i dont get who she was boning!? A
aocholic that is 20 years younger than her. Well she has
been living with him for a month and he had supposedly been
beating her. Oh that pisses me off right there. But thats
not it. That guy came home drunk last night and he was
hanging all over her and she was tryign to get him off of
her and she pushed him. He fell down and hit his stupid
head. SHe left and went to a ffriends house. She came back
early in the morning and he was fine and then she came back
this morning at like 7 o'clock and he was dead. How gross!
The police arrested her and questioned her. SHe called my
dad at 8 am when we were at a hotel mid way to San
Fransisco. I am gonna die. They let my mom go this
afternoon and they took her to her boyfriends house to get
her stuff and his body was still there! After all day!
Coroner is a little slow on the uptake i guess! Oh well i
suppose it is all for the better. I do not know what is
gonna happen when we get back in a week. Well i need
someone to talk to so someone drop me a note. Bye. Hope
your life is better than mine.