Montana bound
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2003-04-14 03:43:44 (UTC)


Well, there's not really any improvements, but there
are some things to report on. I went to Vernal over the
weekend. Grammy's birthday was last Wednesday, so we
decided it'd be nice to go visit 'em. We didn't really do
much. Gramps got rid of all his livestock, and none of the
alfalfa is grown enough yet to need managing, so I
basically had the whole time to myself. I went shooting
with Gramps' old pump-action .22 quite a bit. I love that
gun. It shoots just as fast as a semi-auto, it's just as
accurate as one, it's lots easier to clean, and it doesn't
jam anywhere near as often. I'm hoping that I get it one
of these days. I've already been told the .243 is for me,
but since I don't get it until Gramps goes, I don't want
that gun to come to this house for many years to come.
Anyway, before I left Saturday morning, there was a big
party at my place. Skeeter, Josiah, Billy, Josh, Aaron,
Richard, Kaney, Dani, Yvette, Tyra, Ashley, and I all
bought a whole bunch of Dew and just had us a good old
time. We didn't have neary as much as Macklin and his
friends had at the New Years party for 2000, but we filled
about half of the main body. There had to have been at
least 15 12-packs in there, probably closer to 18 or 20.
Of course, Macklin and his friends filled the whole thing
so full that they could not have fit a single can more into
that fridge. Drawers, door shelves, racks, they were all
packed to the limit, and thi was a full-size fridge. It
was a lot of Dew.
It was pretty fun until near the end. We all got bored
eventually and decided to go outside and maybe go somewhere
to do something. The whole night, Dani had been hanging
all over me like she always does, and on the lawn I guess I
just got sick of it. When she tried to keep stealing my
hat after I had repeatedly told her no, I just couldn't
take anymore. I told her in crisp, plain words that it was
mine and she was not going to get it that night; after
which she plodded up the hill and pouted. She claimed that
I was being mean to her for some reason of which I'm still
not aware, and I told her I was not being mean, I simply
didn't want her to take my hat. When she started throwing
Mountain Dew cans at me, the last one still having Mountain
Dew in it, thus spilling it on my shirt, it was too much.
Before she could go back up the hill after throwing the
last one at me, I grabbed her, pulled her down so I was
looking straight into her eyes, and told her, in no kind
terms, "Dani, stop. Right now. You're just pouting
because you created some unfathomable reason in your mind
to justify my not letting you take my hat for once. I'm
not being mean to you, and you damn well know it, so cut it
out." I don't want to be mean to her, but it's high time
she realized that whatever serious relationship we had
ended four years ago.
The thing is, aside from always hanging all over me and
never giving me any peace, she is equally determined to
destroy any happiness I might delve from other sources.
When I was going out with Kara, every time Dani was around
me, wether or not I was with Kara, she never missed a
chance to point out that in about six months I would be 18
and it would be illegal for me to date Kara who's only 15.
What made it worse is that she has a 20 year old boyfriend
who she's always bragging about. A hypocrite preaching.
Yeah, that helped. Lately, when Natalie and I started
getting closer, Dani was always asking me if
we're "official" yet, always prying into matters that are
absolutely none of her business. Hell, the day that Kara
and I started going out, Dani told her that if I hurt her
(saying it as if it were already a foregone conclusion, no
doubt), she could join the "Burned By Mitch Club", as she
termed it. Dani is way too possessive and obsessive, and
I'm not going to put up with it anymore. This has got to
stop. I'm not hers, I'm not attracted to her anymore, and
she needs to realize that once and for all.
Anyway, moving on. I'm gonna' give Allison a call
tomorrow, and hopefully I can do something with her over
the course of the week. She and I have seen each other
infrequently at basketball games or whatever lately, and
I've always liked and gotten along with her, so I figure
I'll give it a try. Even if nothing serious comes of it,
I'll be glad just to hang out with her again. She's just
as down home, country-bred as I am, so we get along and
understand each other real well. Plus, she's not
necessarily very religious, either, so she doesn't judge me
on that like most girls. I'm hopeful.
This week being Spring Break, I'm planning on a lot of
fun, very little sleep, and virtually no time spent at home
without friends. I know, that's not very kind to my
family, but everyone knows I'm not a big family man, never
have been, and lately I just want to get away as soon as
possible. Skeeter and Josh and I are going camping on
Thursday. Guns, Mountain Dew, a truck, and three rednecks
ready to shoot at anything that moves. Freddy Crougar
ain't got nothin' on that!