Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-04-14 01:07:01 (UTC)

The Weekend

Well the weekend came and went! lets see... friday tish
came over and so did megs! and we went egging with ca! it
was awsome!! Meg stayed the night and we drank a lil! i
woke up sick to my stomach and i was all dizzy! it wasnt
fun! we went shoppin with Megs mom for a lil then we went
over to Julies!! omg we drank a lil there too made a stupid
video of..... us! being stupid like usual :) but yea then
we went to the pancake breakfast for the fire dep. it was
great then my brothers dumb ass g/f wouldnt let My nephew
stay w/ my family and i was hella pissed!! it was funny!
and then we went to julies meg left when we got back! and
we met this guy named jason!! well...... he kept touching
both me and Julie and i told him he had to choose b/c he
kept on wanting me to kiss him and shit so yea..... I never
did!! hehe! but he did get ALOT of boners! lol dumb guy!
but DAMN he was pretty cute!! but he made julie feel really
wierd! :( i felt bad! but i want him...... i think! do you
ever get that way like you meet someone and you think you
like them or you wind up wanting them really bad! yea that
happens to me way to much like with mike....... he..... I
WANT HIM!! geez...... talk about a hot guy! anyways well i
g2g clean my room! FUN FUN!! lata

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