I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2003-04-13 21:52:00 (UTC)


I'm tired. It's been a long week. Yup. Well. Onward, shall

I've been working a lot and crashed last night for hours.
People came home and woke me up and I had food and talked
to Chris and then went back to sleep.

The oddest things happen to me. As you all well know, I'm
an emotional girl and so on. But lately, it's been really
rough. While working on fully getting over Chris, my boss
makes out with me and then today this other guy named
Jimmy kisses me in the back room. I mean come on people.
What the hell is happening? Am I that easy? I don't
understand. Okay, see, I've never had a boyfriend before
in my life, never had a date, never been hit on, etc. But
it seems that it's okay for guys to kiss me.

And then, my mind starts to think, "Hmm...does this person
like me? Do I like them?" and there is nothing there at
all but someone trying to get something from me. I don't
think well on my feet, and by the time he finished kissing
me he was gone before I could say something. Yes, I know
that I didn't do anything, but I'm a girl, I can't help
but ask "What did I do wrong?"

Fucking A.


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