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2003-04-13 21:36:05 (UTC)

Heartache, why won't you leave me...

well today is sunday...let's recap the weekend...
friday-after school icame home and slept for an hour and
then had to go back to the school for the band's "play-a-
thon" it's some fundraiser where we practice for like 4
hours and people donate money for it. well after that (it
ended around 9) me, patrick, and lauren drove to pat's
house, lauren walked home and me and pat walked to
leslie's house. there we had a little bit of fun. chris
ended up walking for the school to her house because i
forgot he was gonna meet me after the playathon. so then
at about 2 patrick took me and chris to chris' house.
sleep and then nothing exciting during the day. came to my
house. kyle, keene, and mike radford came over after a
while. then we went to go to this so-called party. but
there was nothing there. so we went to kyle's looking for
something to do. got some bud. chris had a little
something something to drink. and we all went to the
oveido fair to meet up with these girls from oviedo that
kyle and keene know. after walking around the fair we went
to one of the girl's houses. there we got teh giggles and
keene drove me, chris and kyle around in a golfcart at
like 1130 at night while we all had the giggles. it was
fun. we played video games and watched tv and stuff. you
see, this girl is loaded...she lives in like a mansion. it
was amazing. well at like 1 ish chris and i got dropped
off at his house and slept. that's all that went down. it
was a very enjoyable weekend. well after that fun weekend,
i'm trying to relax today cus i'm really tired and all
like blah. still in that mood thing. unless i'm on
something or having an amazingly fun time i'm just like, i
hate this i hate everything. i'm very mellow as a result
of this. so i'm going to go find something to do.

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