Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-04-13 18:36:14 (UTC)

Relationships and Friendships

My ultimate best guy friend Frankie is going out with a
girl named Jennifer, I don't know her all that well so I'm
not gunna judge her but i don't think shes right for
Frankie, he needs a settled to himself kinda girl and thats
not Jennifer. I mean I understand they like eachother but I
wonder how long it's really going to last? I am talking to
Frankie online right now and he is rubbing it in my face
that they made out, i really dont care about that right
now. Nick and I are going strong and Caitlin and Matt are
too. I don't know what the deal with Kelsey is tho, she is
gunna go out with 5 guys in a fucking month, thats wrong.
She went out with Carlos for a day then brags about it and
calls me "cocky" can u spell hypocrite? I just worry about
Frankie and I dont want him to get all attached to Jen and
then she goes and breaks his heart I will feel horrible for
him. He's such a cool guy and I kno him for him. Good Luck
with her
Fransisco Robles!