Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-04-13 11:13:50 (UTC)

What a Zanny Weekend

I had a zanny weekend.. I don't know why the word "zanny"
seems so appropriate, but it does. Ummm well last night me
and kaelah went into the city, we were going to Go to the
valley to watch the pianist, but kaelah's dad rung up and
said that it would be easier for him if we went and saw it
at Garden City and then got picked up from there later.. so
we did that somewhat half-heartedly because we were both
kinda looking forward to hanging out in the valley..but hey
we'll just do that next weekend I spose.. yeah "The
Pianist" was a beautiful film... I loved it.. achily
superb... I would recommend for anyone to definitely go and
watch it. heheh... kaelah cried through the whole thing..
and later on we were outside of the cinemas and we started
talking about the movie and she started crying again. I am
writing a review on "The Pianist" for "altazine" the mag
that I write for... yes so look out for it.. (it's a net
based mag) hmmmm.. welly, today I woke up in the early
afternoon and just bummed arround... I was at Kaelah's
house and we watched "Empire Records" oh I loooove that
movie.. it is so cool.. so many memories.. it was made in
the coolest part of the 90's..heheh... it just tottaly
captures the decade so well... I wana buy that movie on
dvd. weeeeee! it's so fun! and then afterwards kaelah
showed me all this stuff on John Lennon... man she's
obsessed witht that guy..hmm I'm really tired right now.. i
don't know why.. it's only like 9:00pm or something and i
woke up at like noon today... but I'm just feeling really
buggered.. so I might go now.. I would write more, but I
won't. tata!