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2003-04-13 09:50:30 (UTC)

Never Forget

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Current Music: Cry me a river - Justin Timberlake,
Affirmation - Savage Garden, Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution

Fave words: exterminate

Fave phrases: "Turn into a crab and die" Ipse Dixit


Hey, I'm sorry its been so long! I just haven't wanted to
write, or when I have, things have conspired to make me
forget or something.


Well, I've downloaded Microsoft Front Page from Kazaa, its
this program that makes site design REALLY easy. I've
already done half of my site that would have taken me WEEKS
in Notepad. The link is ""

It introduces and explains yaoi and yuri, in simple, easy
to understand terms. :) Plus I can keep my fanfiction there
too! And some poems, I suppose.

I'm putting two of my poems I wrote on Friday [yay! a half
day coz we broke up for da holiday!] in at the end of this,
I guess I'm gonna put them on my site. They're my pet faves
at the mo.

Suiren believes in my empathy! She says she gets the same
sometimes, and I must just be extra sensitive! I guess I
know why too... I have always been a loner so i learnt to
be my own friend, and I am a poet, so i understand these
feelings.... besides, I learn to bear pain quite well,
after a while, like with my knee.

Suiren is making me banners for my site. She made the one
on the first page, it looks well cool, ne?

I still wear my cross always, its pretty for people to look
at, and it still reminds me that God is there.

Easter soon, and the rebirth of Christ. Suiren thinks I
should just think of chocolate, but I think I'll leave that
for Easter Sunday, and concentrate on His death. I'll leave
chocolate till the Sunday, and rebirth.

I might even go and sit with the vigil, in Holy Trinity
Church. For those that don't know, the vigil is when
everybody sits for the time that Christ was nailed to the
cross, and every little while a reading is read out, saying
what was happening.

Much Happiness
~Anrui Kurayami~


I. I Believe

I believe in the greatness of life,
I believe in the beauty of love, no matter what the sex,
I believe that beyond the storm there is calm,
I believe in God’s love for all human race,
I believe that one day,
We will all open our minds.

I believe in true love,
I believe in angels coming from the sky,
I believe that somewhere someone waits for me,
I believe in what you call predestiny,
I believe that one day,
We will all open our hearts.

I believe in the beauty of nature,
I believe in the sacrifice of Jesus, an act of eternal love,
I believe that everyone can make their own happiness,
I believe in the oneness of all peoples,
I believe that one day,
We will all open our eyes.

I believe in pacifism,
I believe in heart and bravery of our soldiers,
I believe that useless wars are wrong,
I believe in war for a good cause,
I believe that one day,
We will all open our souls.

I believe in legends,
I believe in green fields and blue skies,
I believe that someday, King Arthur will return,
I believe that true hero’s never die,
I believe that some day,
We will all start to believe.

II. Introspection

Each day, passing by so slowly
Makes me look within myself for strength,
Examine all my thoughts and fears,
Revisit long treasured memories.
The day is perfect for this endeavor,
The sky, slate gray and pale
My eyes reflect a stormy mind.
Looking inside myself,
What I see,
Does not always coincide
With what I wish to be.
I am a dreamer,
Flying high as the sky,
I am a thinker,
I think things over twice.
I am a poet,
When things go wrong, I read, I write.
This dull day brings me into introspection,
To look within oneself.
I am confused,
I don’t know who I am,
I am happy,
I know that things are good,
I am sad,
I remember all the bad times.
I am my own best friend,
I am my own worst enemy,
My introspection reminds me
What I want to be.
I am lost…
And I am found.

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