~My own thoughts~
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2003-04-13 06:54:57 (UTC)


Asleep you lay
Soft rays of light flicker on your beautiful face.

Dancing seductively like the wind and the rain
Pacing softly along the fine lines of your face

Embracing the slight curves of your delicate lips
Adjusting the tones of your face.

A position so pure
so innocent.

No worries of the flesh

Utter peace.

The seductive poerty of the light continues

Dancing its softness along the curves of your breasts
The darkness enhancing the light
Bringing fullness to light.

Your breathing slow and paced
Your heart at ease.

Like a fallen angel you lay

Light continues to dance softly along your body.
Softly caressing and flickering your bare legs.

A touch so soft and pure
one could not feel in a concious state.

It seduces the un-concious.

Lay my angel lay.


For no one will hurt you.
No fear shall harm you.

You are safe in me
My heart.


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