LonelyStars JOurnal
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2003-04-13 06:52:16 (UTC)

My Life My Story My happiness

Today started off cool went to a tigers game they won go
figure, first win all season. then the wings fuckings lost
again to the ducks wtf. oh well then we went to the batting
cages played catch and shit like that ate food then dallas
and i left my family and went driving out and about. met up
with kim and claire hung out did stupid shit. After takin
dallas home i went street riding with erik we met some kool
kids got chased by the cops hung out more then the kids
left. I got a call from mandy, so erik and i met up with her
and mandy met me at my house and erik went home. Mandy and i
well things are looking good(this is the girl i fell so
deeply in love with a long while back) i'm happy things are
looking good for us i can't wait. soo all and all i'm gettin
the girl of my life, riding is turning out awesome and
hopefully i'll be getting my own buisness rollin soon:).
life is good.

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