~My own thoughts~
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2003-04-13 06:42:33 (UTC)

The day of salvation

Blessed be the day
For I am saved!

I accept the lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour, for
he shed his blood on the cross to die for my sins. My
heart is now covered in the blood of christ, and I am
guarnteed entry to the gates of heaven, granted eternal
life from the lord our god.

For god so loved the word, he gave his only begotten son,
so that all who believe in him shall not perish, but have
eternal life. (john 3:16)

Lord, blessed be the day you entered my life. I place the
problems of the flesh into your mighty hands, for i know
there is nothing you can not handle.

I humble myself to your glory, for i know i fall short it
by the sins of the flesh.

Lord, i know i am not perfect.
I need you to guide my life,
take me down the road you want me to travel.

Lord i ask that you deliver me from the temptations of the
flesh. For i want to walk in your path.

Lord you are my savior.
You died for me.
Now i dedicate my life to your death.


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