Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
2003-04-13 04:58:47 (UTC)

My Life...

So everything seems to be working out Paul and I are once
again closer than ever. We are going to Prom in 2 weeks
and donating blood monday. I also have to pick my college
by next weekend and sign up for the mist of
all this I love relaxing to my music red hot chili peppers
and jack johnson some pink floyd it's all great. Anyways
as for new thoughts my question is on dreams....what are
they? I believe they release the subconcious however, so
does a drug so then why are drugs illegal? Is it really
for protection? Question two? What if everything you ever
were taught was based on a subliminal message? Think about
it....the music you listen to your friends tv books
whatever kinda like the truman show....kinda scary....
Anyways lifes kinda cool graduation is approaching fast and
Im so excite Paul and Jon are coming to Il so I can show
them around my home town!! I want my TOOL cd back I just
thought of that Paul borrowed it forever ago. Sam is
wanting to go to the same college so thats kinda cool but i
think i want to try and dorm with someone new just for the
experience. ben Harper is coming to concert I cant wait to
get tickets! and lastly I am making a video of the rock
and roll hall of fame

Silent Eyez