Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2003-04-12 20:59:02 (UTC)

2003 Spring Break

Things have really heated up since spring came along.
I went out yesterday looking for mushrooms in our woods. I
was walking along with my eyes looking every which way on
the ground.... I jus knew I wouldn' fnad any at all,
because I didn't see any nowhere! So, I went to the special
place where my dad use to go pick them with me when I was
little. I ended up with more than enough! :)
I'm glad I found some, their taste is so fascinating!
I haven't had them in years, much less see one. :) I can't
believe it though, everyone I know from the city doesn't
know anything about them! Hahaha I always thought they were
kind of retarted, but I can understand I guess. I love the
woods!! I grew up learning so many things about nature
because of where I live.
You know, I guess its only natural that I'd end up a
quiet but fierce fighter in my teenages..... ... That
reminds me of so many memories. My dad always said I could
kick anyones ass you know.... hahaha but my dad is a muscle
head. He's a powerful giant to me... well, when I was
little that is. I studied martial arts and trained my mind
even more than my body. And well, I didn't want to offend
anyone, but I never have lost a fight. Its hard to actually
find someone who can prove something like that.
I don't fight anymore though, unless it was for a lot
money in competition, if I had nowhere else to go but
through someone, or if someone I love was in danger. And
there was one othe reason.... and thats for my country and
the land I live on. God said that there would be some
things worth fighting for. But if you ask my sincere
opinion on war and peace.... I say war is both good and
bad, and so long as there sticks and stones.... our planet
will never cease fighting.
Hate, violence, and curruption. These are the emotions
that ALL humans have within them. No one, no matter how
free of negative emotion you feel, it still lies deep
within all of us. It is human instinct. Well, thats it for
my preaching. I have a lot of views on everything I know
from right to wrong. Hahaha sorry, I must sound like I'm
better than everyone else! >_