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2003-04-12 20:28:44 (UTC)

A good Week

Because of my constant mood swings I have decided to split
this entry into two parts...the week excluding Friday and
then Friday by itself..
So Monday I never made it out...picked my bro up from the
airport. So Tuesday was my lesson at I get Rori around for 45min till he's blowing
super hard and all sweaty (then I managed to catch him) so
I ran out of time to ride him so I cooled him out, shedded
him a bit and then turned him out. Caught Splash got him
tacked up...I got on and wandered around...It was like
10min after 2 so I decided to do some trot/jog
work...anyway-it's like 2 30 and she's still not
I check messages...she left I wasn't mad...but
she said she'd be back around 2 30..I continued riding
till about 2 45 and I'm like "fuck this-I have to work" so
I get off and take Splash into the barn...I'm just
untacking when she comes running into the barn...and stops
when she sees me. I'm just like "uh hey-thanks for taking
me seriously" but actually no, I was thinking "God she
looks hot today" but yeah...she was really sorry and she
followed me around as I put him away and walked me up to
my car...although I didn't get my lesson I was happy
Thursday was good...I had my lesson-she was RIGHT on I get on and she walks into the arena. Our
lesson was an hour and a half long and was super helpful
and productive...I was pleased. Then I rode those SPCA
horses and they were both good and she just kept being
like "they're so cute..." and then I jumped Rori and he
was really good as well... and between that she asked me
to help her paint jumps and then she made us KD in the
house...but whatever...
It was a happy week and I decided not to tell her and just
be happy cuz it was really nice and I dunno...damn it-
she's just complicating life right now...