2003-04-12 20:14:49 (UTC)

phone call from mommy

Well...she finally got the picture that her divorce
shouldn't be at the same time as my sister's departure for
college. She is seeing two different counselors about her
situation. I can't help but wonder if there is some master
plan to bless her. She's suffered cruely under a man with
no compassion, but she has waited with patient endurance
for 13 years. MERCY MERCY MERCY. I don't know many people
who deserve it more. She is so wonderful. God bless her.
Why does life have to get so complicated sometimes?

On a personal note... I just feel like I don't know exactly
what is gonna happen to me. I don't like that feeling.
Sometimes wish someone would tell me what to expect...but
then maybe it'd ruin the good and I'd over prepare for the
bad. Whatever it is...I'm up for it.