listen to my silences
2003-04-12 19:15:02 (UTC)

odd mood

two days until my birthday. woo hoo. note the lack of
exclamation point. why? because i have classes all
morning and then work all afternoon/evening. yay. but i
decided that i would dress up. so i guess that will be
cool. it'll shock everyone at work, but hey, shocking
people is fun.

denny's was cool. i guess. he didn't talk pretty much at
all. and i didn't want to be there. but oh well. i
domintated the conversation, so it was real exciting. i
really don't care though.

four days of work left: today, tomorrow, monday, and the
twenty-fifth. random, i know.

i'm finishing up my research for one of my papers. i'm
trying to get the one that's due on monday done tonight so
that i'll have tomorrow, part of monday, and all of tuesday
to do the one that's due on wednesday. and sometime in
there i have to do my religion one. lol. ahh well. i'm a
little less stressed out right now. don't know why. my
back is still really tight, but that might be from lifting
so much at work. i'm telling you, i'm getting strong. i
can lift one hundred five pounds. no exaggeration. all
from work. who needs a gym? just work at wally world.
lol. *sigh*

five days till i'm home. only three days of major stress
left. none of these count today, though. i can do it.

sleeping would be nice. i'm telling you. i slept straight
through the night last night, from two until ten, but i
didn't really sleep. i didn't wake up, but i was so
wrapped up in my blankets this morning that i couldn't get
out of them. i had to stand up and jump up and down so
that they'd get loose enough for me to get out of them.
i'm so tired. i would love to not have to work today or
tomorrow. it's such a beautiful day and i have so much to
do. i'd love to just rollerblade. though if i had the day
off i'd probably go back to sleep. it would be nice.

k well i'm getting back to my homework now. i need to find
a pen...oh! my pen is behind my ear! duh. lol lol lol.

good times.

final thought: a dream is a wish the heart makes. so what
if you don't dream?