Diary of an American Witch
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2003-04-12 08:25:12 (UTC)

A huge sigh of relief.

It's over.
It's finally over.
Im free of the guilt, Im free of the anger, Im free of
feeling like a dissapointment, Im free of feeling the
pressure to live up to the pedistal he put me on.

IM FREE!!!!!!!!!
Four years Ladies and Gentlemen, Four freakin years (on and
off) of always having to be "on" of having to be the
amazing Sunny. God this feels good!

Aside from that........

The personal growth moves forward. Today a guy I met at my
friend Ash's house told me I looked really sexy with my
hair in pigtails. After the emotional crap that I have
been going through, I could have kissed him. Instead, I
told him, "why, thank you" and then passed the pipe. The
last thing I need right now is another one night stand, or
worse, a relationship that I rush into because Im still
shaken up from the things I read in Jamie's online diary.
I think that was very mature of me. The old Kinarra would
have buried her sorrows in the arms of another man, this
Kinarra stands on her own two feet.

Happy thinking,

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