forever changing
2003-04-12 07:50:55 (UTC)

insomnia such a wonderful thing

last week i had a really bad case of insomnia i just
couldn't sleep i would stay up untill 2 or 3 inthe morning
and i have to get up at 5 for school so i would jus tbe
exhausted but i couldn't sleep then i finally was able to
sleep again thursday, which is about a week and a half from
when it started and now here i am wide awake at 1 in the
morning typing about my life stuff that no on ereally wants
to hear or read about but i just type anyway, bla bla bla
is all they hear but oh well.
hmmm wht can i talk about ??? oh yea my dad is really being
a dick this weekend. i asked him to take me shopping cause
i can't drive yet and i need shoes for work and he stated
talking about how just because my mom said she would pay
for half my shoes doesn't mean he has made that decision
and that i should have asked if he could get me shoes not
just take me shopping and all this other bull shit that
made absolutly no sense to me but i just nodded and i am
used to being lectured now but what really got to me was
the fact that he talked really slowly like i was a child or
retarded and couldn't understand. i hate it when people do
that it makes me feel like telling them "whatever you are
trying to tell me doesn't matter to me because appearantly
you think that i am stupid so go screw yourself and leave
me the hell ALONE!!!"
tomarrow i am goin to steve's house. originally the plan
was to go to dan's house because they are having band
practice but because steve doesn't want to have to take his
drums to dan's house we are goin to steve's. its just goin
to be me dan tessa and steve that i know of, the other guy
in their band is not goin and jamie is goin to a concert
and we couldn't get a hold of david so i think it will just
be us four. hmmmmmmm tessa dan and i were on the phone and
we were talking about having an orgy tomarrow, but just dan
tessa and me and steve could go have fun with himself it
was really funny!!
ummmmmmmmmmmmm i don't really know what else to say so i
think i am goin to go take some mindless quizzes for no
reason other thani feel like it.
bye bye

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