lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-04-12 05:42:54 (UTC)

another three days ago

three short days ago, i was bawling until 3 am, trying to imagine
life without paul and kristen. right now, i'm trying not to imagine it.
i made it through most of yesterday without crying, but finally
cracked when i left their house...and today i hardly even thought
about it, until i got an email from kristen that tore me apart...and i
understand more & more every day how this fits into God's plan...i
don't wanna be annoying or be preaching at people who are in a
pissed/sad/any other mood than i am...but it's so so so cool that
they know where God wants them and are following Him with wild
abandon, and it's even cooler that we aren't being left high and's not like this is just God's plan for's His plan for us,
too...yeah. pretty neat.

on a lighter note, i got my dress tonight. it's real cute and
something about it just makes me i'm satisfied. i'm sorry
to everyone, cuz i got it with my mom and dad...but it had to
happen that way (eerrr...). now i just need to decide on shoes (i
might get etnies instead of converse...) and hair and jewelry and help me if you want to. or if you don't want to. wah ah

i have to write a paper over break...actually it's due this i don't feel that "ahhhh" feeling yet...i feel stressed
knowing i have five more pages to write before i can go to the
beach, stay out hecka late, or just do something chill without
having this in the back of my mind...hmmmm...

call me and help me get distracted from this evil assignment.
haha! pleeeease!!!