2003-04-12 04:55:40 (UTC)

Me Tonight

Is love really blind? Or is it truly seeing for the first
time? It can wrap you up or leave you bare. It can
embrace you and fling you to the floor. You can't possess
it but it can saturate your thoughts, your emotions, your
actions and even your very being. It makes you laugh. It
makes you cry. If you let it in you gain everything...if
you reject it...you reject life.

Does this make me one of those silly, sucker types now? I
used to be cynical about these things. Here I am
now...giddy, sappy and smiling ear to ear. Its the little
things that are worth more than diamonds to me. Its the
way he tries to stay longer...even when he's tired...even
when he probably should go...but he stays...if for no other
reason than he knows it means something to me. And this is
the thing. I never said it did. He just knows it. Its
the way he brings me M&M's when he stops at the store. Its
the way we smoke too much just so we can spend a few extra
moments alone. Its the way he pushes me to be more of me
and not less. Its the lines on his cheek when he smiles a
heart felt smile. Its the way he calls...even when there's
nothing to say. Its the way he's not afraid of being

He thinks he's afraid...while I think him the bravest man I