Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-04-12 04:05:34 (UTC)

Another Problem...

This WHOLE entry should and will be about my boyfriend
Nick, He is really cool and we love each other, but i feel
were drifting apart SLOWLY. I am not jealous of this hoe
named Kim but she needs to leave him alone cuz she needs to
find herself a punk of her own, cuz thats ALL she wants is
a punk like Matt, Nick and Matt. Whatever I think he would
dump me for her I mean look at her, shes fucking BEAUTIFUL,
perfect body perfect life everything is to perfect. Little
miss popular, the girl everyone loves. I am over that shit.
Anywayz I am talking to him and I feel like he doesnt like
me as much anymore cuz he is never excited to talk to me or
tells me he loves me that often. Its up to him w/e floats
your fancy boat ride, right? Well i am sick of writing to
everyone and anyone and or anything! My name is jordan and
im out