hello kitty cat
2003-04-12 02:57:32 (UTC)

a glimpse of my last 2 weeks...

Aside from me being sick the last like..week and a half,
I've had a really good time. I finally got moved into my
new apartment, my roommate Stephanie is awesome. I'm REALLY
glad I'm rooming with her. So for once in my life, I really
do feel safe. I've also been spending a lot of time with
Mike..(surprise surprise...) and I've just been having so
much fun being with him (when don't I....hah). We went to
go see Bile last week, and hung out with 2 of the guys who
turned out to be incredibly nice---they put on a great show
too. ...I love Mike mroe than I've ever loved anyone. I
just feel very privileged to have him in my life...hah I
guess I'll just leave it at that.