skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-04-11 23:47:29 (UTC)

could this be what I need?

Well I had two very intresting days. I went to school of
course and after school I went to see Adrianna and Denise
preform at Whittier College and they did so awesome. I also
saw Susi there so that was really cool. Then today I went
to school and I had a lot of work and then there was an
assembly. I dressed up in my wrestling singlet and everyone
started to cheer and whistle. Then my group who was the
winter season beat the spring season. Then i went to
newsstaff and hung out in there. After school i took the
bus home and that was it. Two very good days indeed.

Songs of the days: Yesterday: "Decision" By Goldfinger, and
Today: "My heart in hand" by Codename rocky

Questions of the days: yesterday: Will i get an award at
the wrestling banquet? and Today: Who is this girl who sent
me a message?

Could this be, be what I need?
Takes me time but slowly I see,
Everyone is trying to change my mind.
"Codename Rocky" My heart in hand