Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-04-11 21:14:14 (UTC)


It was crazy in school. It was worse than in years passed.
In my bio Me and Ashley had like a twenty minutes non stop
laughing over Charlie Brown. It was great I haven't
laughed that hard in like eight months. In math, like
always its a studyhall. And babysitting... good its so
great. Its great how guys sit there and ask for your number
and don't give up its great. If he keeps asking I just
might. The reason I'm not giving it to him like the first
time is because I want to see I he is going to quit wicked
easy or if he is going to keep trying. I am kinda digging
on this kid he is wicked sweet. Its so funny the way he
tries to piss me off because "I'm cute when I'm mad". yeah
I def found that wicked funny. I have no clue what I'm
doing this week. I want to go to a party but I don't know
if there having the party becuase we don't have house to
throw it at. I want to go to the movies and mall and chill
with friends and go to Pete's house and chill there. How
much you want to bet that I make mega plans and then
everyone cancels!! I hate how some people can sit there
and act like your best friend and then try and get you
pissed when they say Im doing blah blah blah with so and
so. And then act like they have no clue why your pissed
and it really irks me. It's people like that make me hate
and become wicked mean. I think I'm jsut going to give up
on people. For the record I really need a boyfriend that
will be there for me and stuff yeah if you know anyone like
that want to tell me so I can hook up with them! yeah so