Nick's Journal
2003-04-11 20:37:50 (UTC)

Don't eat a double whopper combo meal if you're recovering from an illness

don't eat burger king if you're recovering from an
illness. i did and dear god i wish i hadn't. see i had
the double whopper meal naively hopping that it would
leave all of my intestinal tract in tact instead of
flushing my stomach out of bowels. first of all the thing
is fucking huge. the double whopper is the most immense
burger (next to the double quarter pounder) i've ever
seen, and damn it tastes like shit. i'm saying it right
here and now, it tastes like shit. the fries were so god
damn salty i chugged the nasty ass dr. pepper, which
tasted like the ass of a mexican person (not that i'd know
what that tastes like but out of all the nationalities i'd
gather they have the nastiest tasting ass as they eat all
that shitty food).
the only thing more disturbing than the double whopper
trying to eat ME, was the 800 lb black woman taking my
order. she was christingly immense. now my question for
those christingly immense is how do you go from just plain
old fat as a bitch, to looking like a killer whale? isn't
there a point maybe around 250 lbs where you just say
whooaaaaaaaaaa, i'm fat, let's stop this. i guess that's
just as futile as asking why midgets don't decide to
fucking grow.
so as i ate my food that was disgusting me with every bite
and poisoning my insides at the same time, i overheard
some arabs arguing. i love hearing them argue cos you
can't take them too seriously, they just sound dumb
(atleast when they speak in english), and that's what i
dont' get, why were they speaking in english? shouldn't
they be speaking in terrorist? haha, i'm just wait.
the last thing that's been bothering me is this equality
bullshit i'm hearing all the fucking time. affirmative
action this, let women in here, and gay people have
rights. what i think is ironic about each of these
arguments is that each group is perusing a special and
specific RIGHT indicative of the group rallying for the
cause. seems redundant i know, for what else woudl they
really do, but their very actions are counterintuitive to
their dogma because they demand recognition and status as
a seperate group that shouldn't be treated as one. and
what woman really wants to get into that fucking golf
club? i think that's just another trophy that dumb
feminist wants to put on her shelf, doesn't she have
something more pressing to worry about? abortion? eh,
and affirmative action. sure i really dont' care about
it, i really don't care if it stays or goes, but i love
how vehemently black people fight for it, yet find it
degrading at the same time. as barbershop put it, "what's
affirmative action? is that not reparations?" hmmmmm.
last and certainly least are the gays.
come on transies. you all can do whatever you want
already! we're repealing the sodomy statute so that you
all can have sex! let me let you in on a little secret,
the reason for the "hatred" against "you" is for fear of
waht you're doing. ten bucks says if you wouldn't flaunt
you virtues all over the place homophobes wouldn't be
so.....homophobic. it's just that when you start waving
your wrists and jerking off in people's coffees that they
get a little bit.......disgusted.
man that double whopper is rumbling. at first i listened
to my stomach in amusement but now i'm starting to cry.
time to punish the shitter.