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2003-04-11 20:31:35 (UTC)

Near Death Experience

I talked to Jonesy last night. She's THE loudest woman I
have ever met! She's really offensive and she would piss me
off at first but then I got used to her and she's just a
trip. I've never heard anyone say "muther fucker" as much
as she does. But she's cool. It was nice talking to her
because she lived across the street from Nichole and
whenever I was at Nichole's I would go over and bug the
hell out of her or whatever. I nearly died one time going
to her house. I don't think I've told this story yet (I was
so traumatized): So, it's a usual hot ass day in sunny
Texas and I'm chillin' at Nichole's place and me, her, and
Branson (her son) decide to go and bother Jonesy. So, we
walk over there and I'm carrying Branson and I'm carrying
him up the stairs when all of sudden I stumble and next
thing I realize my right leg has gone through the floor! At
the top of the stairs a little in front of Jonesy's door is
this big crack which her landlord had never came out and
fixed yet and I knew it was there but I was too busy
playing with Branson that I didn't think to walk over it.
So, when I realized what had happened Branson (who I was
carrying) was laying on the ground screaming and my leg has
gone through the balcony thing and so I'm in this freaky
position. And when I fell I couldn't stop myself from
falling because I was holding Branson in both arms so I
fell to my right side where my leg went through and Branson
just smacked his head on the floor. It was traumatic.
Branson ended up being okay after taking him to the
emergency room and I to this day have a scar on my leg.
Then everyone was telling me that I should get a lawyer and
take the landlord to court for not fixing the crack but I
decided not to and that wasn't my style. And yes I have
a "style", I like to think of it has fabulousness, lol.
Anywho...I have about 10mins until I'm off for 3 days and I
just wanted to tell about my traumatic ordeal. Later.