No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-04-11 20:10:33 (UTC)

my day

hey! How are you guys? I'm here is a recap of my
Woke ready..on the way to the bus stop I tried
talking to Trish and she basically told me "your bf
this...your bf that...i dont like him" then she started
saying something then saying the EXACT oppostie 5 seconds
later. Yeah, pretty dumb. So, like usual, I tried to
somehow be her..."friend?" you could say...and the response
was "fuck off"
went to school...trish came up to me and terry and startted
SCREAMING at us. She got frustrated and left...she's so
dumb sometimes. She tries to make everything EVERYONE's
damn business cuz she so FUCKING LOUD! It was so dumb.
Came home...started working on the door...stopped...finish
Prom is tomorrow...i'm excited.
That's really all. Oh, and Trick, you brought that feedback
upon yourself...besides...dont blame me for your isnt my fault.
Terry! I'm suffocating you! lol.