2003-04-11 18:08:32 (UTC)

baby dream

I dreamt I had this baby. It turned out to be a very small
baby with dark hair. Even though small and newborn the
baby was able to hold its own head right after birth. For
some reason someone was after me...but more after the
baby. I had to sneak outta the hospital with the baby.
Men kept after me. I had several chasing me outta the
hospital. I ran as fast as I could trying not to hurt the
baby and to get away from them. I made it out of the
hospital to my car. I put the baby in the car seat, locked
all the doors on the car (cuz they were close). This one
big guy got there just as I was locking the back driver's
side door. He got his arm in. I was slamming the door on
his arm in an attempt to be able to drive away. He didn't
relent. I finally got the keys in and drove away with the
baby (Sean was his name). Sean was beautiful. He had
thick dark hair. He never cried the whole time. So the
one guy managed to get into the back seat. I was driving.
There was also a guy on the roof of the car. When I
realized this I took a very sharp right turn and threw the
guy off my car. Sorry to say...I don't remember the rest.
I just remember that Sean was so special that lots of bad
people wanted to destroy him...very weird. Anyway, its a
dream. Go figure.