insane inside 2
2003-04-11 17:47:49 (UTC)

the week of April 7th,

monday was pretty hard for me. at lunch seeing as how
im a level 1 i couldent tal to anyone so i sat in the back
corner of the room and balled my eyes out forever!!!then
later that day i was talking to pauls sister n shit then
me n him got in a figth n i called him n we talked he
said he didint love me n didnt want to be with me cuz i
"broke his heart".....later that day i went to johnnys n
stoll his hoodie it was sweet!!! then i didnt go to skool
tuesday7 becuz i didnt want to cry in school
agen...expleshley as hard as i i stayed home
and cryed my eyes went to skool n gave paul
a note that said i wasnt going to talk to him any more
inless he wants to work things out and iv been kinda
bitchy to him lately....then i went to johnnys after skool
like i do everyday!!n we smoked a blunt then that night
we were in his back yard n he kissed me it was soo
cute cuz we were looking in each others eyes right b4
it...then when i got home he called me n asked me out i
told him id think about it...then next day after talkingt o
tonya bout it she said i should go out with him i did!! n now im going back out with johnny n
were soo cute n so is he i told myself i wouldent love
him agen but i know i will!!! im already in love with him
cuz i never stoped loving him!!!!!so today is friday n hes
going to his brothers for the weekend so im not gunna
see him hopefully ill talk to him b4 he leaves cuz i want
to say bye n blah blah~i love johnny