listen to my silences
2003-04-11 16:16:38 (UTC)

well that was good at least

my presentation worked, and i think i did pretty well on
it. who knows. i slept through my first class today. not
on purpose. it would have been my first two, but the
second one, thank god, was cancelled. now i'm skipping
poly sci even though we have a quiz in there. hey, we get
to drop the lowest two scores. so i'm fine.

now all i have to worry about is three papers before
easter. woo hoo. then one after easter, but that one's a
snap. i'm still stressed. and tonight i have to work from
three to twelve. yippee, let me just tell you how excited
i am. then afterwards i agreed to go have dinner with that
scott guy at denny's. again, let me just tell you how
excited i am. i'd rather just sleep, considering i haven't
since i think last friday night. i hate that i'm getting
stressed out here, cause now i'm sleeping like i do back
home, NOT AT ALL. lol.

irony sux.

just thought i'd let you know. remember that phrase from
high school jamie?

oh, and i have a headache from not sleeping. grr...

okay so i'm out to go to religion.

i can't wait till i get home.

so which one is it? phone booth or a man apart?

final thought: we are the most honest when we sleep. maybe
that's why i don't sleep. lol.