Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-04-11 08:04:35 (UTC)

Hey ho, gabba go...

Well,haven't really been writing lately... I've been
caught up too much in the real life drama ofthe war, and
also of the drama that is my life, that of dreams, of
various peoples, characters, players in/on my stage of
reality... In my mind, I have Them, the characters, the
players, and I also have It, the job, then Me, then God...
It should be God, first, though, then Me, then either It
and Them, or Them and It. Although, however, I am supposed
to elevate Them to the same level as Me, since We are all
God's people... It, however, is still a thorn in my side,
for its usefulness is nonexistent, and a drain in my life's
resources. If I can somehow infuse It with Me, and if I
choose to follow God's plan, then I will have been
conformed to His Will completely...

Family..., where dost thou keepeth thy self in the scheme
of things...? God, Family, then Me.