worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2003-04-11 07:26:18 (UTC)

Master's gifts

Master gave me a new pet - a pony. A wooden pony
actually. Instead of the large version that Master has to
place me on and release me from, this was a smaller version
that i could use on my own whenever i want or whenever i
was ordered to use it. It's a wooden board about 2 feet
tall, slightly rounded on the top edge and just over an
inch wide. It rested on the floor so that when i straddled
it on my knees, the board cut into my cunt that the bulk of
my weight rested on. Like riding the bigger wooden pony,
my cunt would be aching after just a few minutes. The real
torture was that all i had to do to end the pain was stand
up, but then i would be disobeying a direct order and would
be subjected to a severe punishment. Master positioned the
pony in front of my computer so i had to ride it when
online, emailing, or doing any sort of work. He gave me
long assignments to do on the computer while kneeling over
the pony, cunt aching. Unlike the big pony, i couldn't
stand on my toes to relieve the pressure on my cunt. i
couldn't escape the pain at all, unless i were to stand.
The pain was constant and growing by the minute; by the
time i had finished my assignment i was crying freely.
Master told me he would have me do similar assignments
while enjoying my new pet frequently, particularly when he
couldn't be there to torture me in person.

Master gave me another present - the ugly stick. It was
actually more of a birch, a thin wooden cane. He called it
the ugly stick because he was only going to use it on me
for being ugly - not for punishment, play, pleasure or
pain - just for being ugly. He would use it on my ugly
tits, my ugly ass, my ugly thighs, and my ugly cunt. As he
delivered its sting he would remind me that my suffering
was necessary because i was so ugly and my fat, disgusting
body needed to beaten. He would use the ugly stick on me
at random times - in the middle of playtime, in the middle
of a punishment, or even as a dinner break. There are no
rules for its use, no excuses given, no way to beg for
mercy - i have to accept the sting of the stick without
complaint whenever Master wishes to remind me how ugly i am.

Master gave me a final gift - a new torture rack. This
rack was different from previous ones because there were no
shackles to hold my wrists or ankles in place. Instead i
was held firm by my cunt, ass, tits and mouth. Two
painfully large and spiked dildoes were shoved into my cunt
and ass, each connected to long metal poles in the bottom
of the rack. They went very deep inside me so that even
standing on my toes i couldn't climb off. Next my tits
were locked in suction-cups that stretched my tits
painfully into them and as long as the suction was turned
on, i had no way to pull out of the cups without risking
tearing off my tits. The cups were attached to the sides
of the rack, thus holding my upper body in place. Finally
my mouth held open with a dental gag that also locked open
so i couldn't pull it out of my mouth without breaking my
jaw. The gag was attached to the top of the rack so i
couldn't move my head. Held in place by my mouth, tits,
cunt and ass i had no means of escape and while my arms
were free, they were useless. Bound to this new rack
Master used the violet wand all over my body, then the
single tail whip, and a feather - i had to try with all my
strength to hold still as i was whipped, shocked, and
tickled or else risk serious damage to my secured areas.
If my hands got in the way, Master shocked them with the
violet wand until i moved them away. For an added bonus
the rack itself contained some torture devices so that
Master could leave me in agony without surpervision. The
tit suction cups would increase the pressure causing me
more pain and small needles on the sides of the cups were
stabbed into my fleshy tits. From the top of the rack a
tub was placed to flow directly into my mouth, if i wanted
to continue breathing, i had to swallow the liquid flowing
from it, which i soon realized was my own urine saved up
over time. And finally, the dildoes in my cunt and ass
were attached to electric wires such that periodic shocks
were sent into my cunt and ass at increasing frequency and
intensity. Again, my hands were free but powerless to save
me from the pain of the rack.

Thank you Master for your thoughtful gifts.