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2003-04-11 04:06:39 (UTC)

and i dont ever wana feel, like i did that day...

I dont know what was up with that other entry. That song
really kills me... I actually was in a really good mood all
day. Oh good. Dickface just came on. Oh thats okay he
blocked me=) Good job fucker. LOL. What an idiot. I
REALLY hope one day he realizes what an idiot he was...
ANYWAY I WAS SAYING..... that I had a good day. And i
think it just MIGHT, maybe, hmmm have somethign to do with
the fact that I didnt talk to his negative shitty ass all
day. And the weather. man it was gorgeous. cool but
sunny and soo nice. And yeah. I stayed all day at work
which felt good to have some self control. And I got some
stuf done as far as Santa Fe and stuf. What classes I can
take over summer and all this type of thing.

And tomorrow after class I'm guna go see Maria and her
baby.. I'm excited, I love her baby.. and of course I love
her.. it's just so weird. but still. and then ashley's
coming again!!! YAY.. and i might go see Rocky with Claudia
and Spence or I might go to Ashleys and drink and then go
to Rocky on Saturday... Either way it should be fun and
not just a boring night sitting around with Asshole making
me feel like shit every 10 seconds...
And soon I'll be in Gainesville and thats exciting.. A new
start. new school new job--- OH!! This spanish guy who has
some crush on me or something at work found this AWESOME
job for me up there. Pretty much the same thing i do at
lexmark. and im so excited. im going to fax my resume

I cant believe this shit with my family. It is so sad.
last night I IMed my grandpa and he just ignored me and
signed off. what the FUCK did *I* do??? really, what did
ANYONE do? Its so fucked up. No wonder I have people
problems -- my own family is completely wacked out.

man. im tired. im going to go to sleep. and then try to
get through these next couple weeks.